REIKI - $60.00

Reiki and Shamanic Healing

Serving De Pere, Green Bay and Northeast WI

we also serve Fairhope, AL several times per year!


Spirit of the Owl offers Reiki, Shamanic Healing and Sacred Ceremony services

​​Not in the area? No problem! 

Remote (aka distant, absent, non-local) sessions available.

​One does not need to be in the physical presence of the practitioner

to receive the benefit of Reiki or Shamanic healing.

HOW DOES DISTANT HEALING WORK? After opening Sacred Space, the practitioner taps into the energetic field of the client and then connects with spiritual intelligence to guide, understand and 'see'. The practitioner is then able to shift energetic blocks, identify and heal old wounds, and help bring balance physically, mentally and emotionally.

REIKI is not limited to time or space and distance is no barrier. REIKI is pure, universal healing energy that is sent with love and light from one location to another. REIKI can be sent to another person, animals, to the land, current, past, future events, to anyone or anything that is in need of healing.

Prior to a session, you will be asked to submit your full name, your place of birth and a recent picture. This helps me to connect with you energetically. Find a place where you will not be disturbed, a place of calm and quiet. After a short phone discussion, you will be asked to relax and accept the Reiki energy and the call will terminate. Reiki will be sent for 60 minutes which will include clearing and balancing your chakras (energy centers). After the session, we will again connect by phone, we will share what was experienced on both ends. You are invited to have pen/paper available to take notes. 

SHAMANIC HEALING as well operates outside of time and space. However shamanic healing sessions are held via phone or SKYPE, with interaction between client and practitioner, the session conducted as if you are in one another's presence physically. Following a short discussion you will be invited to sit or lie down in a comfortable, quiet place, one free from interruption and distraction. Powerful healing is achieved and experienced. Shamanic healing may include the clearing and balancing of energetic centers, energetic cord cutting, soul retrieval, power animal retrieval; follow link for more information regarding shamanic healing. 

All remote sessions require pre-payment (cash or check also accepted)


​Please call, text or email Roxanne to schedule a session
608-449-1007 (mobile) or