​​​​​Soap is created in Sacred Space, infused with Reiki and made

with love and gratitude to the herbs and plants for their gifts

BAR SOAP - made with saponified oils of coconut, palm kernel, olive, castor; shea and cocoa butter.

Scented with essential oils. Herbs, botanicals and spices added for color and exfoliation. 

This bar produces a rich lather; the essential oils will delight your senses!


Made with saponified oils of coconut, castor and palm; sodium borate.              

Scented with essential oils.

This soap produces a soothing creamy lather. 

8.5 liquid soap in foaming bottle

16 ounce refills also available

Handcrafted bar and liquid soap available DIRECTLY from SPIRIT OF THE OWL

(email roxannep@spiritoftheowl.com for pricing and to place an order)

or at the following locations! 

Freshair Salon - 310 North Wisconsin Avenue Suite D in East De Pere, WI 

Astha Grocery and Gifts - 400 Reid Street in West De Pere, Wisconsin

Hozho' Healing - 6127 County Road T Whitelaw, WI 54247


SPIRIT OF THE OWL also carries smudging supplies:

California white sage,

Sage bundles (copal, sweet grass, lavender flower, white sage)


Incense: Peruvian incense; Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal resins; Nag Champa, ShivShankar sticks

Peruvian Agua de Florida (Florida Water)

Peruvian rattles

​Call or email for pricing and to place an order.

Wisconsin state sales tax applies
608-440-1007 (mobile) or roxannep@spiritoftheowl.com

Handcrafted Bar and Liquid Soap