Roxanne is a Shamanic and Reiki Energy Practitioner
 Murphy is her canine companion and assistant 

Alillanchu Nanaturachaykuna!
(Quechua greeting; hello/are you well brothers and sisters)

As a young girl I first heard trees cry as they were cut down and while I didn't understand that initially, I came to understand they cried for our lack of gratitude for their gifts and our lack of knowing and accepting that all life is precious and is to be honored and respected.  

While I have always felt a soul connection to trees and animals;

I shut that part of me down when I entered my late teen and adult years and started 'thinking'.
Thinking, it turns out, is nothing but mind and ego running wild. I lost my 'self'.  
In my later, experienced, and wiser years I began a quest to find

my true self, my purpose, and personal healing.  
That journey began with Reiki, then in 2008 shamanic healing found its way into my life. 

I learned tools that helped me heal on a deep level, tools that brought me into balance and along the way enabled me to get back in touch with my self. Stepping onto the shamanic path has once again opened my heart to Spirit, the Sacred Winds, Mother Earth and All above.

I have reconnected to the trees and animals on a deeper and more profound level,

feeling a true oneness with all. 

Dear Peru! My heart sings when I am with you. There I touch the stars from the mountain tops, dip into (freezing!) Lake Titicaca or beautiful lagoons nestled beneath Sawasiray and Colque Cruz, talk to my sister mountain Huayna Picchu and am held deep within Mother Earth. 
These experiences carry me back to a heightened awareness, 

connection and appreciation of my home land.   

Murphy, my canine companion came into my life quite unexpectedly in 2010. Over the years he has integrated into my practice ... he keeps a watchful eye and often holds space.

Murphy has a sweet soul and is loving and welcoming to all who cross our threshold.

Tukuy sonqoywan (with all my heart) I thank my loving son and family, their support and belief in me gave me the courage to pursue my dreams and live the life I was meant to live.

Thank you to my friends, teachers and healers - past, present and future. I am grateful for all life's experiences - when my heart sang and when it cried, for they have brought me to this place.  

I am honored that I have been provided the opportunity to pursue my soul's journey and fulfill the purpose for my existence on this earth, to learn the lessons I came to learn

and teach the lessons I came to teach.   



Medicine Wheel/Earth Medicine Training; Reiki Master 2008-2009
Golden Light Healing
Sacred Journey Series; Basic Animal Communication 2010
Kindred Spirits Animal Communication
Compassionate Depossession 2010 - 
Betsy Bergstrom
Travel/study in Peru with Medicine Men and Women (joint venture with
Golden Light Healing)

2009, 2010, 2012, 2018 

Tracking and Divination 2010
Rites and Rituals 2011
Shaman's Mesa 2012
Inka Initiation 2014-2014

Shamanic Visionary Skills 2017

The Way of the Altomesayok 2018
Jose Luis Herrera - Rainbow Jaguar ; Andean Research Institute
Earth and Sky Workshop - 2011
The Hollow Bone and Down to Earth - The Shamans Circle

Michael Harner’s
The Way of the Shaman® Foundation for Shamanic Studies 

The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism - Timothy Copeland - 2015

Shamanism, Dying, and Beyond - Timothy Copeland - 2016