​​​​​SHAMANIC ENERGY HEALING has been known and practiced for thousands of years.  Shamanism is found in cultures all over the world and is based on the belief that there is an energy field surrounding our bodies. This field gathers debris from all life events,emotions, beliefs we hold, and karma. Left unhealed, these issues/energies can manifest as disease in our physical body.  

When our energy centers become clogged, blocked and damaged we experience aches and pains that may not be explained, feelings of not belonging or being lost, low energy; we may repeat old patterns (negative life situations), have the inability to move forward with life, be unable to make decisions, live in fear and come from a place of scarcity.  

Shamanic healing is Spirit guided (not a religion) and helps one reach into their shadows and bring issues to light so they can transform and heal themselves.  We begin to heal when we state our intention, and are willing to take action to do so. We clear away heavy energy, add light to our energy field and remember our healed state - that spark of the Divine we are, the one we came into this life with, the same spark we will leave with and carry from lifetime to lifetime; remembering we are part of the whole, we are One.  

– through various techniques, we track and release heavy energies in the Luminous Energy Field (think aura) as well as the body. This field holds our personal and ancestral memories, our emotions, stories, and wounds. These imprints predispose us to emotional, mental, spiritual and physical disease.  We work with the energy field and centers to release heavy emotional wounds through intention and breath; releasing, balancing and imprinting positive energy. ​

INTRUSION EXTRACTIONS – when our emotions take the form of energy, that energy can be stored in our auric field and bodies. For example, holding sadness, anger, or anxiety in our stomachs, or projecting these emotions on to others. These misplaced energies are called intrusions. When this energy is perceived, it is removed and replaced with healing energy.

SOUL RETRIEVAL - it is believed that part of the human soul, an essence of our self, is free to leave the body and will do so to protect itself from traumatic events such as accidents, loss of loved one, divorce, abuse, hurtful words uttered by another, and so on. Some symptoms of soul loss may include depression, feeling of incompleteness, inability to move forward and not being in control of life. Many people say they just feel something missing in their life. Through journeying we discover the original wounding, heal that wound and bring the soul essence home; creating a new reality in our subconscious mind which enables forward movement. 

SPIRIT RELEASE – compassionate depossession is a form of spiritual healing that addresses the issue of possession illness. Sudden death, severe grief, unresolved issues or trauma at the time of death sometimes leaves a soul confused, angry and unable or unwilling to cross to the Light. These souls remain earthbound and attach themselves to people or places; this can result in emotional, mental and physical illness as well as behavior changes. Through compassionate depossession we help release these suffering Beings to a place of light without judgment or blame thereby freeing the client from the influences of the Being.

HEALED STATE MEMORY ​- we spend our lives remembering and re-living wounds, bound tightly by them. These wounds are tracked and identified on a physical, emotional and spiritual level; with intent and breath we release and remove this energy. We change the affinity receptors by retrieving and imprinting with the memory of your healed  state.

POWER ANIMAL RETRIEVAL – in most shamanic cultures it is believed that each of us has one or more Power Animal (spirit guardian) that accompany us through life. These guardians protect, guide, teach, strengthen and inspire us. When we lose our connection to our Power Animal we lose our personal power. We retrieve Power Animals through journeying, connecting you with your special guardian and helping you learn to develop and honor your relationship.

         POWER ANIMAL RETRIEVAL WORKSHOP (see Calendar for dates) 

        During this 2 hour workshop you will be led on a shamanic journey to retrieve/meet your power animal/animal                spirit guide and begin your relationship;a relationship of power, guidance, blessings
       Workshop Fee: $40.00


DECOUPLING – the fight or flight response enables us to flee dangerous situations. Today’s world produces much stress which find us in constant states of fight or flight. This process helps activate relaxation which enables healing.

SACRED CEREMONY - DESPACHO CEREMONY and/or FIRE CEREMONY - a despacho (prayer bundle) is an act of love, gratitude, prayer and intention. A prayer bundle helps bring us into balance and harmony. Fire is a ceremony for transformation and healing.

GUIDED MEDITATION - you may be lead on a journey for the purpose of achieving healing.  Guided Meditation helps you let go of your thoughts, and allows your subconscious mind to follow spoken words. Guided meditation can help you relax, release negative thought patterns, emotions and beliefs. 

REIKI – will be activated and flow throughout your session. Reiki Is a gentle technique that helps open and improve the flow of energy around your body; reduce stress, induce relaxation and promote healing.


Check, cash or credit card accepted at time of service     ​


Prepay with credit card through PayPal



HOME and LAND CLEARING and BLESSING - a home/space clearing helps to cleanse heavy, negative energy and bring Light into your home. Clearing is helpful when moving into a new home; after major events (divorce, death, fire), and to reset the energy in your home. Home clearing may involve helping suffering beings cross to the Light, as well as the creation of a despacho.

Rates for clearing are as follows:

Homes less than 2 thousand sq ft: $140.00;

Homes 2K to 4K sq ft: $170.00

Office buildings and homes larger than 4K sq ft: please call/email for quote


$10 per hour (or fraction there-of) travel fee (to and from), with a $10 minimum applied each way.

Please contact Roxanne for additional information or to schedule 

Reiki and Shamanic sessions are held at:
708 Main Avenue, De Pere, WI
Please call, text or email Roxanne to schedule a session
608-449-1007 (mobile) or roxannep@spiritoftheowl.com