Apu Sawasiray

Spirit of the Owl Healing Arts

providing Reiki, Shamanic energy healing, healing workshops and Classes, guided meditation and sacred ceremony services

Our mission:
Empower others to awaken and embrace their LIGHT and live life fully
Spirit of the Owl Healing Arts was born out of a sincere desire to assist others on their spiritual, emotional and physical healing journey as I have been assisted in mine.  

The Owl is my teacher, my guide, my angel and my friend.  

She lives within me and I within her. We are One.   

Spirit of the Owl offers an alternative approach to healing. 

Healing on the energetic level helps you connect to your own power and free you to live the life you choose.  When we heal on the energetic level, we erase karmic imprints, old stories and wounds.  Sacred, safe space is created to allow an individual to release and heal those things that no longer serve them or the greater good.    

Energy healing has been around for thousands of years and is based on the understanding that we are more than physical beings; we have an energy field outside our bodies that carries imprints of trauma, disease, heavy/dark energy

- all of which negatively impact our well being. 

Energy healing is spiritual, but not religious. 

All religions and spiritual traditions are honored and welcomed.  

Are you following your soul's journey?  Are you completing the work and learning the lessons you came here to learn?  Do you find yourself repeating the same unhealthy patterns over and over, finding it difficult to move forward?  Are you unable to get rid of old pain, unable to forgive yourself and others?  

Remember your healed state, your true self through energy healing.  
I am be honored to assist you on your wellness journey.  

"The soul soars wing-tip to wing-tip with the inner wisdom of complete enlightenment and oneness. The Spirit of the Owl resides in all of us."

Contact Information:
608-449-1007 (mobile)
708 Main Avenue
De Pere, WI 54115